AIDS Walk Wisconsin: Milwaukee Recap 
In 2018, I covered the 5K walk & run to fundraise and raise awareness for HIV/AIDS. I met a few of the participants and asked for their permission to film them as they waited for the walk to start. Then, with my newly purchased gimbal, I followed the crowds as they joyfully strolled with friends, family, and cohorts down the path along the placid waters of Lake Michigan. The event became solemn upon their return to the Summerfest grounds, as speakers remembered those who have lost their lives to HIV/AIDS. As with any cause to raise money for, challenges continue to be faced, but the AIDS Walk Wisconsin was overall a very celebratory gathering that I was happy to capture on video and share with others.
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Food Drive Promo
UW-Milwaukee established a food pantry shortly after a 2016 survey revealed that half of the university's students faced some level of food insecurity during their time at UWM. The pantry had been moved around campus a few times before it was established in the Student Union, a place whose patrons and various study spots I came to know well while working in its Marketing Center. As the Student Union's Instagram manager as well as a copywriter and editor, I promoted various organization's events on our Instagram, but only occasionally used my video production skills for my job mainly due to time restrictions. This video was created for the Student Association, headed by student body president Alyssa Molinski. By incorporating select statistics and an affective true story, this simple and informative promo video helped viewers understand why they should donate to the food pantry.

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There are quite a few nonprofit organizations close to my heart that I have yet to engage with beyond volunteering my time or money.
For example, in my junior year of high school, I woke up early in order to arrive by 7AM at the local humane society 30 minutes away. My jobs were to do "basic" morning cleaning tasks, including cleaning the animal cages and visiting rooms, doing laundry, washing dishes, sweeping the floors, and mopping. I would do as much as I could until around lunchtime. The cages I cleaned would often be the cats, since there were five rooms full of them and only two or three other employees on the morning shift, so I would leave smelling like litterbox with staticky fur stuck to my clothes and behind the collar of my t-shirt. And as I walked out, a well-perfumed woman might walk in, drop off a couple bags of dog food or put some money in the dog-shaped donation bank, and leave without an ounce of fur shed on her skirt. I'm happy that people make room in their budget and heart to donate money and goods, but what I like best is donating my time and efforts to an organization.
As I now have a BFA in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres (as well as a degree in Spanish), using my skills and interests in video production and nonprofit promotion would be beneficial for both an organization and myself. While you're here, I'll also pitch you my photography, copywriting, and copyediting skills as well as social media marketing knowledge.
Contact me below if you are interested in working together!
Thank you for your message! I appreciate it.- Gabbi

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